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Old Philosopher:
I put this thread here because it's a "general" topic in my mind.
I know there are a lot of members who have an interest in photography, and take pictures not specific to outings, or trips. I've seen some really nice scenic shots, and a few "artsy" pictures.

I thought it might be nice to have a place to share the hobby.

The other thing that prompted me to post is that I just fell heir to a new camera!  All this time I've been using a Sony Cybershot with very limited settings, and a 3x zoom. 
A couple weeks ago I was given an Olympus 720SW, with a dead battery and no cables. I let my fingers do the walking through cyberspace, and found a battery charger and USB cable on Amazon for $1.28 for both!!! Another $6.00 S/H and I was good to go for under $10.  So far everything is working as advertised.

The excitement comes from the camera specs. It's shockproof up to a 5 foot drop on concrete, and will take underwater photos down to 10 feet. No need to worry about taking pictures in the rain, or getting it dunked on a canoe trip, eh?  It has a macro capability down to 2.7".  The really exciting part is that it has a 15x zoom, vs. the 3x on the old Sony, and "image stabilization".  I'm really looking forward to getting some better wildlife shots with it!

So without babbling further, here's a couple test shots from yesterday.

So how about it? Got any purdy piktures to share?  Like I say, I would love to see some b/w or artsy stuff.

American Grouch:
My most recent favorite, my youngest daughter slaying some pike.

Looks like shes posing as some kind of mythical beast vanquisher, there's even sunlight glinting off her reel! Gung-Fish-Fu for the win!

I put some scenery shots up in the Canadian sub forum.  (Here, if you missed it and are interested:,1844.0.html ).

But here's another:


Good idea, OP. And some nice pictures so far. :D

I'll see if I can find some of my favorites in my photobucket account...



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