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Well I thought this might be fun for those of you who can achieve fire by friction.

All you have to do is post a video (preferably) or picture of yourself making fire by friction in this thread. Once you've done that, you can go to your profile settings and request membership in the Friction Fire Fellowship member group. Make sure to mention the post number of the post where you demonstrate the skill when you send the request.

So to recap, after you post your friction fire in this thread, go to your profile, mouse over "modify profile" then you will see a drop down list. At the bottom of the list, click "group membership", and then select "Friction Fire Fellowship" from the list. When the window opens up asking you to give a reason for your request, make sure you mention the post number in this thread where you posted the fire, and an admin or moderator will add you to the group.

Membership in this group will make your username appear orange in the "who's online" list at the bottom of the forum index page.

This is just for fun. There are no prizes or anything. I just thought you guys who already have the skill should get a little recognition, and perhaps this also would offer a little in the way of motivation for those who want to learn.

So, lets see you guys spinning up some coals! :)

Friection Fire Fellowship Members

Thanks, PW!  You said it.  I need motivation!  I have come close but no cigar.  I now know what I will be doing all day tomorrow and the next until I get it.


Here ye go then

hand drill from the other day, not easy in the uk using our woods

First successful attempt:

Another success despite very bad technique:

Good job, gents! You guys are the first two members! :)


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