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My baskets and fire pistons (photo heavy)

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Woven Cone Palmetto Stem Basket

Woven Cone Willow/Grapevine Basket

Coiled Cattail/Yucca Basket

Woven Cone Grapevine Basket

(inches note tube length only)
Four inch Metal Fire Piston

Four inch Mini Model T Fire Piston

3.5 inch Aluminum Fire Piston

3.5 inch Polycarbonate Fire Piston

3.5 inch Polycarbonate String Gasket Fire Piston

werewolf won:
Nice stuff! Thanks for displaying it!

Thanks for sharing your projects. I am digging them fire pistons you have made and it is to see all of the different materials used.

Nice! Looks like the 4" T makes quite the coal!

I like the last cone shaped basket. It reminds me of a "cornucopia" basket my family used to set out every Thanksgiving. Really nice work!


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