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Automatic Ice Fisherman


Hey Guys,

It's been a while since ive contributed anything of value, but I got some ice fishing blues suddenly and remembered this project I did in a half hour right before a trip I was leaving for in the morning.


I did not put these in any order, but I will explain them in detail since it really doesnt matter what order you do it.  Not really anyway.

here is the full set up.  Like I said, did it in a half hour the night before the trip, so it's not pretty.  All components are pretty self explanatory.  The main structure is just a 2X4 as the base and a lighter piece of wood.  Now, on the automatic ice fisherman, it tips down to get out of the way of the rod and line, so a regular door hinge would work fine.  I did not have one so I just permanently screwed it on there.

Here I took a right angle bracket and screwed in a length of PVC pipe, then screwed it to the base (2X4).  Once screwed in, you can bend the bracket to the desired angle.  The trigger arm is a BBQ skewer I had lying around that I bent at a right angle and put through the hole and shaped the cirle end to hold the line.

Notice here there are three holes, bottom two were not the right height for the trigger arm to go into.  It's a drilled hole, plain and simple.  My original plan was to use a plain nut and bolt so that I could adjust the length of the trigger arm to take different ice fishing rods instead of the skewer.

Here is just some semi heavy gauge wire that I had left and wrapped around the trigger arm to keep it in place.  Surprisingly worked well.  Original plan was to use a coat hanger or something and epoxy it to the trigger arm, but I had neither.  The length of the tag ends takes a little adjusting in terms of length and angle to hold the tip of the rod.  The back wrap was for the shorter rods and needed to be longer.  If I had the nut and bolt, then I could use one holding needle for all lengths, but I made do.

Well, that's it.  It's what was lying around the garage, so it can obviously made prettier.  Caught quite a few lake trout this past winter with it.  I did not get footage of this in action, but I do have a video of one of our outings.  I'd love to see your results when you make one.  Have at it~!

Nice work!  If I make one, I will certainly post it!

ahhh... ice fishing!!    I'd rather be doing that at 30 below than sitting here right now in hot sticky humid weather.....   :)

I like this set up!   



--- Quote from: WoodsWoman on July 25, 2012, 12:02:54 PM ---ahhh... ice fishing!!    I'd rather be doing that at 30 below than sitting here right now in hot sticky humid weather.....   :)

I like this set up!   


--- End quote ---


I will not complain once this up coming winter about the cold!
And I say :welcome: to it!


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