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This isn't a new knife, but the sheath and firesteel handle are. My wife's grand-aunt wanted to give one of my knives as a gift to a good friend of hers. I'm not taking orders right now until we can find a new home and move, but...

I did have this knife that I made from a Redneck 2012 woodlore blank that Red sent me, and when she saw pictures of it she wanted this exact knife. (Who can blame her, right?) :D  She asked that I also make a matching firesteel handle and I wanted to make a really classy sheath for this knife as well. Red's 2012 woodlore design is curvaceous, so I didn't want to go with my usual brass firesteel handle. In order to do the design justice, I opted for a matching walnut dymondwood handle for the firesteel. This handle has concave curves for gripping on each side similar to a commercial plastic firesteel handle.  I think the curves compliment the knife handle well. I'll be shipping a plain firesteel rod along with it that the gentleman can use in order to preserve this one if he so desires, since the rod isn't replaceable like my brass handles.

For the sheath, I used Fiebing's light brown dye, and some matching wood beaded latigo lace lanyards to "tie them together" (figuratively, not literally). The sheath has a simple camouflage tool tooling pattern on the border.  It's finished with Tandy Super Sheene.

Making the sheath and firesteel handle are time consuming, but no so much so as making a whole knife from scratch. I was able to knock these out in bits and pieces over the course of a week.

Anyhow, I think it looks awesome! Credit goes to Red for the blade design. :thumbsup:

Just wanted to share some pics before I send it off.

Thanks for looking!

Nice looking everything!

That is a sweet combo I'm sure somebody will enjoy. I really like the sheath you made for this knife.


Okay PW I confess, I'm the friend of your wife's grand-aunt.   I'll PM you my address   ;)

Seriously nice knife, nice job on everything

looks great PW!! I am sure it will serve them well :thumbsup:


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