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Our friend swamphanger suggested a thread for water travel adventures. Here It is. Will be easier to just add on to this as we venture out. I will start with a few pics from this morning. 2 days in a row!

The weather was just perfect again. We were on the water at about 830 eastern.

We did find some interesting blast holes. Some under water and one on the bank. This is near the bridge I've shown before

The blue flower from yesterday.

A very nice weekend!

Creek :canoe:

Great idea fellows. I'm looking forward to the pics/stories :)

"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." - Kenneth Grahame


Well in a couple weeks when we have our get together I'm gonna need a couple of pages for the boat shots! Thanks for putting this together UTC great name as well!

I'm going down another section next week if the weather cooperates. Lots of fun. Good exercise too!



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