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Great stuff. Weird little holes...

The nest on the bridge were cooler. The birds were active this morning but I just couldn't see them good enough.

Everyone should take any opportunity to get on the water.

Creek :canoe:

That second pictures is pretty good.  I like the glassy waterway view shots.  Those are cool.  I think it's time you threw in a cast iron skillet and made some shoreline lunch or breakfast :)  Then you'll really love your canoe.  Taking that extra fun but heavy gear is a huge plus with the canoe.  Thanks again for the pics.  Nice idea too on the thread to just add to. 

My best friends little man and me on the Silver River FL.  We had him sitting down at first, but he was determined to paddle like the big boys.  lol

Some shots on the Ocklawaha River, FL on a few trips.  This and the Silver are my home waters.  I can be on either in 15 min. from the house.  We camp on the Ocklawaha alot.

Max and me.


Red always is always good to bring plenty of meat.  I think that's LetsRock in the background.

Hushnel and Chili.  Hush's wife Deb relaxing in the background.  That canopy came in handy later on... it poured.

Greyhound locating a Geocache in a tree.

Me SUP'n (Stand Up Paddle) on the Nantahala River in NC.  A delightful class 2-3 river that's a VERY popular rafting trip.  I spent several days a week doing just this all last summer.

Great pics Madmax! Thanks!


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