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A quick clarification

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The custom knives section is for owners and users of custom knives to show off their collections, discuss potential new purchases, etc.

It is not appropriate for knife makers to post their knives in this section unless those knives are for personal use. We have a self-made knives section where people can post knives they made themselves. But if any of the knives being posted are for sale, that would constitute advertising. If you wish to sell knives, the proper place to post them is the classified section, or in the case of vendors, your vendor forums.

We do allow regular members to sell up to 12 items in a year's time without requiring a vendor subscription.

Please see our rule on advertising, found here:

--- Quote ---Advertising and Selling: We like to hear about new outdoor products from our members. We like to see things people have made themselves. But what we don't want to see is a knife you made yourself, with a bunch of close-up pictures, then a link to your knife making website in the signature line of your posts, and other members posting about how they bought a great knife from you. Basically if you profit from a post you made on this forum, then that would constitute advertising. If you wish to advertise a product or service, you may contact an administrator to make arrangements. We welcome and encourage knife makers and makers of other outdoor products to join and participate in our forum. We will provide a venue for you to advertise your products if there is a demand for it. And we will strive to keep a level playing field by requiring the same fee from anyone wishing to advertise here, from the smallest backyard bladesmith, to the biggest corporation. We understand how frustrating it can be to pay for advertising only to compete for customers with folks who do not pay to play. That's not how we do things here. That said, the administrators of this forum are knife makers and businessmen, and we reserve the right to give our products (and only our products) preferential treatment. We pledge that we will not give any breaks to our friends, or give anyone a pass on advertising fees. Outright spam will be dealt with swiftly and surely. Update: We will now allow members to sell new and handmade items through our classified section, up to 12 items per year. That will allow you to sell one item per month. If you wish to sell more than 12 items in a one year period, you may get a vendor subscription. We want to allow our members to sell the odd item here and there, but are limiting the total in order to be fair to our vendors. Please conduct all transactions in the classified section. Reselling new items as used for off-site businesses in order to circumvent the vendor subscription is prohibited.

If you are contacted by another member interested in either selling or buying something "under the table" outside of our barter, trade and classified forums, please inform an administrator immediately.

--- End quote ---

We want to maintain a fun and friendly environment for B&B members, and a fair playing field for our vendors. That requires that we actively discourage advertising under the guise of "just posting pics" on the main forum categories. As mentioned before, we do have a place for that, and it isn't entirely prohibited. But the custom knives forum is not the place. This rule is important to ensure that no one person has an unfair advantage, and that our vendors who stick by the rules are treated fairly.

Anyone looking to use this website as a promotional tool for their business with no intention of participating as a regular, interactive member of the forum is wasting their time.



Bush Monkey is busted!   :P

my apologies i just saw the clarification thread, i have not been trying to sell on the forum and won't except within the parameters laid out, but i am working towards being a full time  knife maker and the knives i make are for gifts or sale, so according to this new information i am out of bounds, and i will cease posting under the custom knife section.
my humblest apologies if i have offended anyone

I'll make the jump over to the self-made forum from here.  I haven't mentioned "for sale" or a dollar amount with any of my posts (I don't believe) but thanks for the clarification on the use of this particular forum.


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