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I have added some advertisements to the forum that display at the bottom of the pages. These should be pretty unobtrusive, and they will help me to justify the time I invest in the forum, and the expense of the hosting and domain registration, etc. ;)

I have updated our registration agreement with details about the cookies these ads use, and information on opting out of those cookies. The cookies are designed to target the ad content to individual users based on their internet habits. This is pretty standard stuff that any website running google adsense will have. Almost all of the cookies can be opted out of by visiting a single site:

Google's ad cookies:

The remainder of the cookies can be opted out of by visiting individual third party ad vendors found at this list:

When I add the supporter subscriptions (coming soon) supporting members will have ads disabled so they will not see them. But, regular members can opt out of the ads as well by visiting google and the 3rd party vendors through the links above.

I think everyone trust your judgement for the good of the forum as well as for your own good.


Creek :)


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