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How I file sharpen an axe

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I made this vid a while back and thought it may be appropriate here.


damn creek!! looks like its time for a new glove!!! great video, thanks for sharing!!

Awesome man! Thanks for posting. I'll keep all this in mind next time I need to touch up my little Estwing hatchet. :)

Just noticed I have the exact same shop glasses..


--- Quote from: Kratos on February 02, 2012, 05:36:33 PM ---damn creek!! looks like its time for a new glove!!

--- End quote ---

I just think how much skin those gloves kept off the wall :)

I was wondering if a big leather disk slipped up on the tang of the file, followed by the file handle would help prevent cuts too.

And you might try wiping the tip of that marker on a rag dampened with some alcohol to freshen it up. I have to do that all the time in my shop when I draw on something oily and it clogs my marker tip.


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