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Any interest in a low-cost alternative blade line?

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I have been considering options for some affordable alternatives to my sole authorship TOKT knives.  There are several suppliers offering pre ground and heat treated stainless blades. I believe I could offer finished knives made from these blades under $100, and under $150 with metal bolsters. The biggest thing that adds cost to sole auhorship knives is the in-house hand grinding and heat treat.

The trade off is that the knives would not be made entirely in-house, and would be stainless only.

Any interest in something like this?

Hmm, that's a good question.

I am, currently, enjoying a knife that NMTracker handled.  It is BK Eskabar.  I am really enjoying this knife and I even handled one of my own because I like the one NMT put together very much.
On the reverse side of things, I have some customs (a handful which are yours) and I enjoy them in a different way.   I know my customs are made 100% by the person putting them together and that you stand behind them. 

So is finishing a pre-made blade something I would consider?  Yes as long as it is an alternative and you can still get a 100% TOKT knife from you. 

I feel across the board with all the knifemakers on here that knife kits are something I would like to see more often for sale.  Hint hint, PW.  ;)

Thanks for the input!

When I do get back to fully operational shop status, I will of course continue to offer knives entirely handmade in house. Kits could be an option as well, with blades and scales.

As a guy with very little cash I can get behind the low cost movement. I do think however, that if I could come up with that kinda of money I would just save my pennies a little longer and buy a 100% TOKT knife.

I think there is a huge market for this. NMTracker has shown that you can take a blank and make it uniquely yours and then sell it. Heck, not only that - it's inspiring!

So, imo, you need to make the blank a TOKT knife, if not by design, but looks and quality. You have to make it yours, so when someone looks at it, they can say.. Yeah, PW put that handle on.

Does that make sense?


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