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Any interest in a low-cost alternative blade line?

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I've seen a few nice looking blanks in the Jantz catalog, but can't figure how they can sell them that cheap.  Makes me worried about the heat treat, or the quality of the stainless they use.

My concern is keeping the separation/distinction of full blown TOKT products vs a product you've only finished.  If there is a quality issue with the blank, or it is sold/traded beyond the original purchaser...just hate to see it backfire.

Are you thinking of a different maker's mark to keep them separated?

Half Axe, thanks for the compliment!

Dano, I hadn't really thought that far into it yet. It looks like most folks are not interested in a knife like this, and I totally get it. I probably would prefer to know the blade was made in house as well.

Ive been following this with interest.

I'm just impressed by your honesty in being open to ideas and throwing this out there. You're a good guy, PW, and i for one am wanting and fully expecting to buy a PW knife some day!


Thanks man. :)

I will be up and running again. Its just a matter of time.


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