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I just noticed that ad banners began to show up on the forum.  That must mean my subscription has lapsed again.  I just resubscribed and PayPal shows that it went through, so I should be free to blabber on, ad-free, for another year.   :banana:

Just checked and the danged ads are still there.....I want my money back! >:(

My supporter subscription is up the end of January but I am going to renew it next week.  I don't have any ads popping up so I guess all is well.  This is my favorite site on the web and it is where I spend way too much time but I like it.

I know it's time to renew when the ad banners start showing up, so I just re-upped, but I apparently screwed up by not using the button that eliminates the ads. :P    I hate commercials, so please correct my error ASAP.


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