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A proud paying supporter. Now what do we do to make the ads go away?

working out some credit card fraud issues right now. bare with me and be patient, i'll be a supporter soon. i love this place.

Proud to contribute and be a part of this great community..

Will the subscriptions be prorated in case I get banned before my subscription runs out >:D.   I'm not real sure I want to pay hard-earned money to be a subscriber to an outfit that would have me as a member anyway. :shrug:

Moe M.:
  While I understand the costs involved in running this kind of forum,  and I don't have a  problem with supporting this one with a fee ( I like to think of it more as dues like any other club),  I do have an issue as to where it might take us.
  As most here know,  I continue to hold a membership in the "other" forum as well,  one of my greatest pet peeves about the "other" place has been the class distinction that a supporting membership has created there.
  For example,  though I don't usually enter into give aways or knife swaps,  I always hated to see offers made for these types of things and see a "Supporter Only" restriction placed on them,  the same applies to when and how non-supporters have been excluded from certain classified functions,  and also excluded from certian sections of the forum or to member information and the like,  i've seen times when reading a thread a link is given and when a non-supporter tries to access the link a pop up appears that tells the member that he is not privileged enough to enter that domain.
  This has a way of telling a non-supporting member that he or she is a second class citizen in that forums society and is more a tolerated guest than a real member,  it has also lead to treating non-supporters poorly in other areas as well.
  I was never a supporting member there beause I didn't want to conribute to a furthering of class creation and the lack of respect that it breeds,  nor do I want to be part of a group who sets themselves above others for any reason associated with being a have or have not.   While some folks may say that "well,  if you want to be treated like a full member,  pony up the money or put up with being a displaced person,  no one gets a free ride",  that may have some truth in it,  but there are always going to be people who just can't afford to pay for the privilege of having there user name in colors,  or the title of supporter place under their user name or avitar,  all some can give is their posts and friendship,  and those folks deserve our respect every bit as much as those who can pay the extra to help support the forum with their dollars.
  I certainly hope that the owners and Mods will take this into consideration when they are sectioning pieces of this forum off limits to non-supporting members.


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