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Firesteel Demonstration

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I decided to shoot a quick video displaying the sparking of the ferro rods I use. 

Comments welcome here and on YouTube.


That's awesome BucK! Works as good as the one I have that looks almost like it. Remember? The green river is a fantastic tool too. Thanks for the demo.

Creek  :fire1:

Nice demo!

I think those Russell GR knives deserve a lot more 'press' than they're getting on these forums.  My old carbon Dadley pattern knife is the first I ever assembled and is still a favorite after all these years, as an all around woods knife :thumbsup:

Thanks guys.  I was having a bit of trouble with the wind today.  That is why I kept holding the tinder by some means.

Wolfy, I agree with you about the Russel.  You get a lot of knife for the money.  Its a bit more than a Mora but, I think it is a better knife too.


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