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I haven't seen a place for any Boy Scout Leader to come regularly to talk about problems, questions, neat ideas or anything else on B&B pertaining to the Boy Scouts.  I have seen some good posts about the BSA here and there but I thought it would be a good idea to have a localized thread where we can discuss anything about the goings on of troops, districts, councils, etc. 

Please feel welcome to voice any questions or give any great ideas.
Also, we might know you on the regular B&B boards but please explain your position in the BSA and if you are just a helping parent that is great, too.

This is not just for the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) but any Scout Leader from around the World!
Scouts are connected through the World Brotherhood of Scouting.

I'm Matt.  I am Assistant District Commissioner of the Nishnabec District of the Calumet Council.  I am, also, an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 610, Oak Forest, IL (Calumet Council) and First Mate of Sea Scout Ship 13, Plainfield, IL (Rainbow Council).  I have had many other positions in my time as an adult leader in the BSA ranging from Tiger Den Leader to Scoutmaster.  I am a Brotherhood Member of the OA (Order of the Arrow) and spend a lot of time helping the youth in the OA.

I have several friends with kids about at that age.  Because I camp alot, they have asked me about the Boy Scouts and if they should join 'em up.  They have certain concerns I'm sure you've heard before.  I have always encouraged participation.  The discipline and goals achievement activities are invaluable to a kid.   

Thanks for taking the time and energy to invest in our youth.

I appreciate you encouraging participation.  It is hard to get kids to participate in the urban/suburban areas around here because it's "not cool" to be in the scouts.  I don't know what is more cool than shooting bb guns while your a little kid and shooting rifles and shotguns when you are older, rock climbing, swimming, fishing, and a whole lot more.

Matt.. is it really a 'not cool' factor or is it just plain fear?  From the parents point of view? 
What I mean is..  and for example..  A boy forgot that his jeans had his pocket knife in it, wore those jeans to school and while showing off his pride and joy of his BC knife he ended up getting expelled.  Not just warned or the knife conviscated..expell ed with the 0 tolerance law.   The parents had to try three other schools just to get this kid re-enlisted back into school.  The parents have to drive this kid to a bus pick-up four miles away every day..twice a day.    They are wishing they had never put this kid in BoyScouts.   They are spreading the word to other parents what could happen ..spreading the fear.  Yes, they are angry at the 0 Tolerance law, but feel that the choice THEY had to enlist their boy into BC's could have avoided all this hassle.    He's no longer in BC.    He's hurt, confused and now has an attitude about 'weapons' and how you can loose all your friends over having one in your hand. 
Its incredibly sad how things have changed.


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