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Can't wait for you to start building somethings Matt. I really like the WIP post. You need a heater in your shop like Red needs AC.

I have my old house furnace in my ex wife's garage.  The problem is that I don't have any way to get it to my garage.   :(
Once I do get it here, I have the gas lines and exhaust chimney all ready in my garage.

I really want to find a new camera though.  I found what I had on ebay but I am iffy on buying a used one on there.  I really am tired of taking blurry photos with my stand by camera.

Got my knife and kydex sheath today. Love it! Have it around me now, Will post my opinions tomorrow after I come off the river! Thanks a million Matt.


I hope you enjoy it and it serves you well.

Barbarossa Bushman:
That Flexcut sheath will come in handy for sure. Hopefully it will be warming up soon for you.


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