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Monthly Project - August 2013

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For this month's project, it is going to require going outdoors. The project is simple, find natural water. :D

You will need to fill an 8oz. cup with water from a natural source. This can be anything you wish, from collecting dew with a sponge and wringing it out into your cup, to simply walking up to a river or creek and dipping your cup full. This will be a bigger challenge for some of our members than others. The only rule is that the water be from a natural source (not someone's pool, fountain, koi pond, drainage ditch or faucet).

And be sure NOT to drink it without making it safe it by boiling, filtering, or water treatment chemicals. Drinking it is not mandatory. You just need to locate it and show what method you used to collect it.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

John Van Gelder:

Since my water supply is a spring, and I drink quite a few cups of water out of it every day..I will pass on this one.


   Here is an "Artesian Well", or a "Spring", as I usually call it, that I visit quite often when I am out in the "wilds". It flows out of the ground at quite an amazing rate. It almost literally, "Gushes", or some serious "Bubbling",  out of the ground, year round. It is part of the main "head" of a local trout stream.
( Some of you have seen pics of where Duke & I when we are within 100 ft.of this Spring in the "Outings" part of the forum.).

   I look for these type of Springs quite often, as it is part of my hunting/scouting pursuits. Find the water that flows constant, year round, you can find the game that visits there.... ;) 

  Not many folks have seen this Spring, or, at least taken the time to go look for it.... It is a "out of the way", or basically, "off the beaten track", type of a trip into places most folks don't go most of the time. I rarely see any trace of humans within 300-400 yds of it. Mostly animals. Personally, I like it that way....

BTW, in the pics, I may have filled the Blue mug to over 8 ounces, and I know I filled it more than once, but I think it meets the project. I will enjoy seeing any others posts here, ones who actually participate in this project.
Have fun, & I want to suggest....get out side.....It is good for ya. ;)

I have a video about this trip also, if I get around to editing, uploading, & then posting it...


Well done JB, and a good example of what this month's project is all about! :thumbsup:

John Van Gelder:

Sorry to be "obtuse", but I am not sure what the point of this project is, you either know where to find water or you go thirsty.  I know where every spring is within a five mile radius of right here.  I can walk over to one of the other springs and take a picture, but to what gain.

I would also suspect that MnSportsman's artesian well is actually a spring.

However springs are good, that are places in the world that depend on spring water, and utilize springs that have been continuously in use for thousands of years.


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