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I've been fortunate to meet some very experienced knife makers in the Jacksonville, Florida area through the Jacksonville Knife Club.  One of the things that we try and do as often as possible is hold "demonstration days" to introduce the craft to anybody interested.

I will post any events that we hold in this thread.  There is never a charge.

Additionally, for anybody that comes into the Jax area and wants to learn to make a knife, you are welcome at my little backyard shop.  Shoot me a PM and if we can work it around my work schedule we'll see what we can get done.

I wish there was someone in my area that did this :( I can fix any gun for ya but when it comes to knives I am clueless :(

What a generous offer. I'll be in touch next time I'm coming to Mayport.

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Old Philosopher:
I have a question, but not sure in which thread to ask.
Working with wood for years, I'm familiar with the whole "50-grit", "120-grit" step method of sanding. But working with metal is foreign territory for me, other than sharpening lawnmower blades, and shovels.  :P
There are all sorts of materials that are used as "grit" on belts and paper. Do you have a specific type of belt you use, or recommend?

Thanks Crash, I work up that way sometimes. would love to meet up.


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