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Monthly Project - February 2014

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I would like to start with an apology, I've been working on this month's project for about 2 weeks and it's still not finished so I have a "stand in piece" until I can get it done.

February 2014 Monthly Project will be to make a Lamp.
The lamp pictured as I said is just an example of what I'm getting at.  I didn't make this lamp I got in Israel many years ago I believe it's made of terracotta, I used olive oil as the fuel and a bit of hemp cordage for the wick.  The guidelines for this project are to make a lamp it can be out of any material you want,  any liquid fuel and any natural material as a wick.

It put's out a good amount of light and heat.

I decided on this as a project when I built my Quinzhee, small lamps like this are perfect for not only lighting in such a shelter but an excellent source for heat.  I'll be posting my intended lamp for this project soon hopefully!   :-[

Looking forward to seeing your Lamps!   :D   

this is one i did a while back, but i'll post this for now. hopefully i can get around to making one this month. cool project WW

Is that a wood burl BH? 

nope, just a maple branch carved into a bowl


--- Quote from: BigHat on February 01, 2014, 01:37:40 PM ---nope, just a maple branch carved into a bowl

--- End quote ---

Very cool!   :thumbsup:

BTW, congrats on your 1000th post man!   ;)


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