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We now have a large number of threads related to this topic, so we figured they deserved a place of their own. Whenever the forum needs room to grow in a specific direction, we want to make that happen. So in order to better categorize our database, we have created this new section for what has become one of our fastest growing topics lately... woodcraft and carving.

This is the place for posting natural handcrafts made at home or in camp.

Thanks for your participation and patience with the move. :)

I can whittle a pretty mean tent stake. Do I win anything?

On a serious note, I am enamored by the skill exhibited in this sub forum. I clearly lack  the skill to carve and whittle, and it makes me appreciate the talent that much more.  :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: TwinBlade on July 26, 2012, 11:59:44 AM ---II am enamored by the skill exhibited in this sub forum..  :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

+1  :hail:


Hi Everyone

New member here, Your expert advice and ideas would be appreciated.

I make traditional wooden longbows and flatbows for a hobby and donate them to a local children's charity and I would like to know if anyone can create small ( 2 inch tall x 1 inch wide ) Wood Spirit/Forest Spirit carvings that I can attach to the ends of the bows.      ... 

The bows are made from Ash and Oak, backed with rawhide and of various styles.

Also,  any similar cravings I could attach to the bow limbs that would resist the vibrations and not self destruct.  lol

Any and all ideas and suggestions would be appreciated, . . regardless of how crazy they are. .

Many thanks


Hi everyone ,just joined up ,am into rustic type woodwork ,came across this type of craft when on holiday in the states ,love to make contact with anybody interested in same . At present am making gyspie flowers from hazel ,read about this type of craft recently , could be a nice add on to anybody selling at craft shows .When I learn how to put up some photo's will do so .
Anyway cheers for now.
Irish (Mick)


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