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Edible Wild Plants for Survival, (Not) So Fast!

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I just finished writing an article examining edible wild plants vs. fasting and wild game in a long-term survival situation.  For folks just getting into Plant ID, I have for sometime preached this message in hopes to provide context around the other important uses of plants, not just food.  Now here it is in writing with references.  Thanks, Chris


Wow! Great article, with some VERY good and valid points, and info! 

Thanks for putting it together and posting it. 


Chris, when we camped up in Blowing Rock with Terry, one of the things that has always stuck with me came straight from your mouth. You were heading up a little plants secession and during the course of the lesson you were asked about being able to survive on wild edibles. Your reply was "you're dead". Not necessarily what one wants to hear, but I appreciated the truth. Especially coming from someone who I knew knew their plants. I've been trying to sharpen my skills identifying plants and have gotten better. I'd hate to think I'd have to survive very long on vegetation. Appreciate you posting up the info.


I've always been a disciple of John & Geri McPherson.  I really don't know why we don't hear more about them.......possibly, because they don't want to become 'movie stars' :shrug:    Their stuff has always worked and made perfect sense to me, at least the things that I've tried to do in reading their books has worked out pretty well.   A 12 pound cattail salad kind of brings the idea of surviving on edible plants into perspective, doesn't it!

I kind of get a kick out of these nekkid :-[  TV people nibbling on a few leaves & maybe a nightcrawler or two for 'badly needed protein' and then feeling "oh, so much better" when those nutrients begin coursing through their veins. :doh:    We need MEAT! :drool:

Appreciate it guys.  And appreciate your trust Creek, a hard thing to do when someone says something like that and doesn't expand like I did in the article.  In God we trust, everybody else bring data.

Interestingly, very few know the "truth" so to speak about edible wild plants for survival.  I am not the first to preach it, you hear parts of it from those I cited and I am sure others.  Was overdue for me or someone to put it all together in one message.


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