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What is your favorite production Knife?

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So what is your favorite Production Knife? 
I have Beckers, Bucks, Kershaws, SAKs, CRKTs, and the list goes on................. ......
My favorite full sized Production Knife is my Doug Ritter/Becker Perserverance (MK2)
for a Production necker knife is my Becker Eskabar (BK)
for a Production EDC folder my SAK (I think it is a tinker but I am not sure)

Wow, that's a tough question. There are so many to choose from!

If I had to pick just one it would be the ESEE4. I think it's a good all-around size with a comfortable handle.

Mine would be the esee 4 also.

I don't have any ESEEs.  A buddy of mine, Sidecarr, (who should be joining this site soon), has more than a few.  I like the ESEE 5 although a little big and I like the "mini 5" = the ESEE 3 MIL although I have never seen one in real life.

I have a few of the ESEE3s too, and a few Izulas. They are nice knives. I've also got a few Beckers and hearing that they might be making glass-free sheaths now I might have to revisit them.

Other production knife companies I like are Kershaw and Buck. I like Gerber for their pliers, and for some reason the Gerber "steadfast" knife appeals to me. (More as something to look at than use.)

Oh, and I forgot, the SAKs of course! I like both Vix and Wenger, but I prefer the Wenger can opener.


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