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General Discussion / Re: the vows we took
« Last post by Unknown on Today at 06:24:20 PM »
Very sad to hear. God Bless.
General Discussion / Re: the vows we took
« Last post by wsdstan on Today at 06:04:12 PM »
Prayers for you and your wife Mike. 
General Discussion / Re: Yes Jack, yes it did.
« Last post by Unknown on Today at 05:44:49 PM »
If I were confronted with that argument; I'd say: whaaat? 60K? liberal are you sure you are not confusing those stats with deaths due to complications of obesity? Medical intervention and pharmaceuticals? Because it's certainly not murder, and close to double the actual numbers of death by bullet(s).

weedeater64 has called people snowflakes recently. Ahhh, the special snowflake. I don't know who first coined the term but it is perfect, accurate, utter genius. We've been forever told that each snowflake is absolutely unique. How's that for being an Individual. Equally accurate in the comparison is the fragility of the snowflake; both its crystalline form and the special, unique individual demanding its equality.

I'm thinking, as long a we are satisfied to remain in position without moving or shifting, we (the
will continue to loose ground. We are stuck defending gun ownership. We should be attacking and demanding answers. Now that the term "deep state" is in the lexicon we need to push to add false flag, man.can. And we need answers from pharmaceutical pushers as to why their products are ever present when these lone nuts start blasting.
     I know that's like Alex Jones tier stuff, but even a broken clock has the correct time coincidentally. I don't care much if it is true. They are valid questions that focus on causes other than guns. When Trump announced he had been wire tapped the press went bonkers, reaching far and wide to discredit the statement. (even denouncing his use of jargon) we are not far from a similar situation with this event. Our enemy is a clever one. Old, failed strategy will not work.>hang on to them ok. Just open up to possibilities
 "Boy, have they committed a lot of atrocities, when you look" DJT speaking at CPAC

General Discussion / the vows we took
« Last post by hayshaker on Today at 05:19:49 PM »
I have'nt been here in a while do know when i;ll be back i've been at the hospital with my wife
since tue, the doctors are saying mabey a month. so i have alot to do,
my best friend in the world is about to leave me. i stood before GOD when i promised to her for better or wor worse in sickness and health. this is getting to hard to finish i'm sorry. i gotta go back to the hosp.
to be with her. take care everyone, i'll try to come back. hayshaker.
Forecast had snow in it and this close to spring you never know if it will be the last snow of the season, so I got out there while it was still on the ground. I met my good friend and fellow writer, Jonathan Kilburn  out there for some woods time, camp building and Kimbap, which his wife made us for the day. That was very kind of her, but it was a lot. Think of it as a Korean sushi wrap, but different. He was working on writing up a Helle knife and Hults Bruk axe. We were also working on building his camp up a little bit. I was fixing to possibly spend the night out there, so brought a salmon fillet and some morning goodies?just in case. I also had a lot of small projects to get done, preferably before the spring crowd got there. Night temperatures were only 28F and the next day was going to be clear!
Birch in this area is dying off, sadly.

My Alpaca Wool beanie?uber warm and superlight!
Flattening out a maple log for a project

Legs for the project. I only make stakes of all types with a chisel end. Faster and every bit as good as making a point. Try it!

Finished project

Spatula carving as I have zero use for spoons

This is how I make fuzz sticks and stakes with a tomahawk/hatchet. I also used this method shaping and smoothing out a mallet

The mallet was made with only the carving axe from James Gibson. I make spatulas with either a sharp point for poking meat or a flattened, narrow end for lifting pot lids.

Again, I only cross grain baton a chisel point and top?done!

We continued working on the camp?

Then it was time for me to have dinner after I made a fire?sure enough that Kimbap was used with the salmon I had.


I?ve been told I had the saddest, most unappealing camp ever!

Mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, eggs, cheese, and lots of Red Eyed Hog! Italian sausage was also on the menu.

Steamed the omelet with the small tray this cook pot came with.

Walking out shot of a Beech leaf?winter is ending!


DIY and Homemade Gear / Re: one strand knotting
« Last post by asemery on Today at 03:51:36 PM »
Thank you - some more

adjustable or fixed loops

General Outings / Re: Circus mallets and sausage bacon birch!
« Last post by bearthedog on Today at 02:05:31 PM »
I really enjoy seeing your trip pics.
Between the stone table, the mallets and the sausage over the fire: I was thinking about The Flintstones.
Thanks very much for posting.

Thank you. I am on caveman software still!

Another method is to grow your ember by adding CEs.

CEs = Coal Extenders. Any materials that will grow an ember/coal. Preferably with minimal of tending.

Saving the dust from previous attempts works well. As do dusts from most fungi, punkwoods, chars, etc

Charred materials (aka char) such as charcloth, charred punkwoods, charred fungi, charred cattail fluff, etc.

Punkwoods (uncharred chunks). Plant fluffs/downs such as milkweed, thistle, cattail, etc. Most parts of most fungi.


Always wise to transfer the ember to another material before going for flame. That way a backup ember is smoldering the whole while, just in case the first fails.    ;)
Fire! / Re: Bushcraft Fire Rolling
« Last post by duxdawg on Today at 12:00:25 PM »
Well, I am Gobbstopped.  What do the ashes do for the process?  There are soon going to be so many ways of starting a fire, your fire kit will need its own backpack.  But this is a good reason to carry jute twine.

OK, found another video on the subject and the guy does not use ashes (but says they help):

He also says any natural plant fiber will work although some work better than others.  PFM! 

The grits (such as ashes) are not necessary with all fibers. They do seem to increase friction, making achieving an ember faster and more reliable. Pretty good link, thanks. Glad to see this method is picking up steam.
Fire! / Re: Bushcraft Fire Rolling
« Last post by duxdawg on Today at 11:53:42 AM »
Nice job M.  This looks so easy to do.  Well, as long as you remember to pack real cotton balls.   :doh:

Hey, you you think it would have worked if you had used the table itself?

It may interest you to learn that there are more than two dozen natural fibers that can be gathered, processed and used to produce an ember right then and there using the Rudiger Fire Roll method of Friction Fire with nothing but paleo tools also made in situ. Of course modern tools and materials make things faster, easier and more reliable.

In other words, cotton balls are entirely optional. Just as charred cotton cloth is the easiet material to begin learning F&S with, so too are cotton balls and wood ashes for learning the Rudiger Roll. However in both cases they are only the tiny tip of a massive iceberg.

Yes. Any two surfaces that are rough enough to spin the Rudiger roll without shredding it can work. Rocks, bricks, driveways (asphalt or concrete), dimensional lumber (purchased from a hardware store), field expedient split wood, knife blades and handles, shovels, sanding block handles, sanding sponges, shoes, tables, etc have all worked.
Following the link I posted in my first post in this thread will get you started.
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