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General Outings / Re: Woods time and trying out some new gear
« Last post by Gunnarsson on Yesterday at 10:30:17 PM »
Always great with kids enjoying the outdoors  :)
Making Knives and Sheaths / Re: Sarge's stuff
« Last post by Sarge on Yesterday at 08:58:50 PM »
Sorry again, wolfy. LOL

Thanks  a lot, Dano. I appreciate that.

Here are a couple of the latest... both are from the batch heat treated and cryo-tempered by Peters HT.

This one I'd call French trade style (or Blind Horse/Pathfinder style with a flat grind). It is O1 steel, 5/32" thick, 400 grit satin finish, blade and handle are 4 1/2" each.

Book matched stabilized walnut scales with 1/4" brass Corby rivets (bolts)

Matching ferro rod with on-board carrier. Removable D-ring allows sheath to be carried dangler style or via belt loop

This one is not so bushy

EDC in O1 steel, 1/8" thick, 4" blade and handle. Scales are black linen micarta with stainless pins & tube, and a thin blue line of G10

Kydex sheath has a horizontal carry belt clip
Bushlore and Outdoor Skills / Re: Check your water source
« Last post by hayshaker on Yesterday at 08:58:19 PM »
wolfy remember come to the land of the skyblue waters, the ole hamms
beer comercial. .anyhow don't drink any water that ain't been boiled and filterd. period\
btw once i saw tiny shrimp like creatures come out of tap water in chicago
and i'm not saying sea monkeys either.
General Discussion / Re: Sold my coal forge....
« Last post by hayshaker on Yesterday at 08:50:51 PM »
sorry to hear t have a lil' 70lb anvil and coal forge.
General Discussion / Re: Sold my coal forge....
« Last post by upthecreek on Yesterday at 08:22:42 PM »
I hope that's good news for you QC and I wish you well. Always pains to put a good dog down but we all face that situation in life. I look forward to seeing your new setup.

General Discussion / Sold my coal forge....
« Last post by Quenchcrack on Yesterday at 08:19:00 PM »
Well, I had come to a point where I just could not manhandle my demo setup by myself anymore.  I sold my 100lb anvil and my 100 year old Champion rivet forge.  Kind of like shooting you dog.  I still have my 170 lb anvil and 2- burner gas forge.  I am going to build a nail making setup with a small coal forge and a traditional nail anvil and header.  This will be mostly wood and light enough for me to move by myself.  I plan to make it low enough to sit down to work.  Photos when I get it done.
Bushlore and Outdoor Skills / Re: Check your water source
« Last post by wolfy on Yesterday at 01:40:41 PM »
THAT brought back some memories......I loved the duck chiming in, too. :lol:      I kind'a forgot about it.....maybe too many Hamm's between then & now. :shrug:
Bushlore and Outdoor Skills / Re: Check your water source
« Last post by MnSportsman on Yesterday at 01:12:38 PM »

I was just yanking on your chain a bit for some cheap innocent fun.
I too , have canoed up there & scooped a handful out of the lake as we went. Not much today, though, for mostly the reasons ya mentioned. Boil, filter, or ground sourced in a pristine area, now a days...

Sure! I remember Hamms! One of my favorite beers back before Budweiser. Quaffed more than one, y'know..

When I went into the Corps., I could not get Hamms, Grain Belt or Shmidt(the original no "s" (IFRC), not the new one.) beer
, or any of the others I enjoyed so much, So , I changed to the beer I could get pretty much worldwide, Budweiser, & stuck to it since. On occasion though, I run across old beers I used to like & when I have the chance, try one again. LOL
 Now, here is one of the best reasons I have ever seen to use this dohicky>>>  :cheers:

  P.S. - Clean water is good, but sometimes a beer is better.

Some history for those who are not familiar:

1950's Hamms commercial



Once again...

Bushlore and Outdoor Skills / Re: Check your water source
« Last post by wolfy on Yesterday at 12:51:43 PM »
My dad taught me to never drink any water that was not issuing directly from the ground and, even then, never drink it unless I was inches from that source.   That has proven to be good far. :shrug:

I'd bet you drank water in the BWCA you were not too concerned about at the time. I know I have.

JB, being a bonafide Minnesota Sportsman, you above all others should remember that old Hamm's commercial with the cartoon bear singing about "the land of sky-blue waters!"   Back when I first started going up there in 1962 with the rest of the Eagle Scouts in my troop, we were assured by the outfitters that if we took all of our potable water from middle of the bigger lakes it would be safe to drink without boiling or adding bleach or iodine......those being the only ways we had to 'purify' water in those days.  Of course, there were FAR fewer people using the area back then, too, and it was pretty much still a pristine 'wilderness.'  Nobody had even heard about giardiasis, yet......maybe it was before it was invented, I dun'no? :shrug:   

Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and none of us got sick, but as the years passed, the numbers of outfitters increased (there were only 2 when I first went up there), the numbers of campsites went up, the reservation system was implemented to accommodate the increasing numbers of campers, etc......we ended up carrying one of the first little water filtering pumps with the replaceable filters. 

I never did get sick from untreated lake water in the BWCAW, but I did get sick from the supposedly safe water that came from the hydrants in the Snaring River Campground up in Jasper National Park in Alberta......on TWO separate occasions!   My brother had no problems drinking it, but it made me REALLY sick......I bought bottled water the last time I was there because I remembered the old saying about doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results. :P
Overnight and Camping / Re: another overnighter: blueberry camp of tears.
« Last post by Gunnarsson on Yesterday at 11:40:33 AM »
Your tarpsetup looks cosy  8)
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