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Title: Finn Gas Mash Bag ..mod
Post by: hunter63 on September 24, 2017, 09:16:41 PM
These bags have been around for awhile now.....but prices have gone up ..a lot.

When they were like $4 bucks each, I bought a dozen as they are perfect for a day bag, possibles bag,forage bags, tool bags....I even put my hunting fanny pack in one ato make a shoulder bag.

As there are pouches on the inside, very handy....BUT...beca use the  pouches are on the inside of the front panel.....anything you put in them causes "Flap flop"...or wanting to flop open.

They come with a shoulder strap attached to the back panel...not the make the flap flop worst.

They also came with another waist strap....that I never I cut it off both the snap hook and ring...and stitched them back on as a wrap around hold down.....

Saw idea, that was done much prettier and with wep strapping, connectors...and all sorts on mods to hang all sorts of stuff n the out side.

This was free...and works for me....

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Side by side with a Chinese bag that was about the same price...but not near as heavy....

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