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You know Wolfy that is one of those ideas that makes you say "Dayum why didn't I think of that?"  I think it could be ground out down to the point where it is wide open again.  I will look at it.  Thanks.
How 'bout eliminating the damaged portion completely?   Belknap produced a model very similar to yours that is straight on top with only the round bottom portion at the eye.  From the photo, it looks like you could modify it & almost completely eliminate the damaged section if the top of the eye was on a straight plane from the notch to the foot of the poll. :shrug:
The eye is a lot worse than my photo shows Moe, it is pounded both inward and down.  I will probably mess with it a little and if it starts to come out I will post more about it.  I think it may have a future as a splitting wedge at this point. 
 Pegleg your photo did not show up.  You have to use a photo hosting site and copy a link from there.


 Most Eastwing hatchets aren't expensive when new, their basic models come with either leather washer type handles or blue over molded rubber type handles, the value of a used but serviceable Eastwing Hatchet is usually on a par with new hardware store hatchets from Ace, Lowe's, or Home Depot, usually under $20.00.
 In most cases they are worth more sitting in your garage or basement in case you ever need one than it's worth to sell it. 
 Like you and Craig (most of us actually that have made it this far in life) I just hurt at the thought of not being able to save a vintage tool or other piece of gear no matter how neglected or abused it's been.
 Your axe head does have potential, at least that's what I see in the picture you posted, it is vintage so the chances are it's forged of decent steel, the bit looks like much of it's original shape is intact and in pretty good shape, and the poll could stand some file work but doesn't look too bad.
 If it were mine I'd spend a little file time on it getting rid of most of the mushrooming around the poll and what ever dings I could smooth out on the rest of it, then step back and see what I'm left with,  it's surprising what a little cleaning and reshaping can reveal, I've rescued a few decent axes and knives that at first glance looked like they were junk.
 As far as the eye is concerned (it doesn't look that bad in the picture),  if I could fit it with a handle I'd let it be, trying to open it up might result in a crack opening up, as long as it's not crushed, it should take a handle that's been whittled close to fitting to be forced into it, it may not look right or original when done (some folks would call it character) but it probably wouldn't affect it's performance.
 And if you find it's too far gone, at least you tried,  and please keep us in the loop, I for one am interested to learn if it can be saved or not.
I just tried to add a pic. Would I see it too if I did it right?
I have a couple people wanting to buy my Hatchet today and I can tell they really want it. I don't want to get taken advantage of. Could someone give me a fair price for it. It's an estwing safe-t-shape. Nylon grip. Markings B E3-2H O or Q I can't tell. Any help is much appreciated.
Making Knives and Sheaths / Re: Sarge's stuff
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Awesome work.  Cool trick with the dye.
Craig they really do know how.  Whomever beat on this one was probably trying to get the old handle out and they just beat it out of shape. 

I might try that.  If I can find a chisel the right size that might help a little.  I was thinking of just using it for a small splitting wedge itself. 
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