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Overnight and Camping / Re: Mannlicher and Mad Max in camp
« Last post by Mannlicher on Yesterday at 04:35:50 AM »
Wednesday night, just after dark,  a SUV cruised through the campground.  It  stopped a few times where I could not see it, and then parked at the point of the little peninsula that the campground is on.  Camp host on his scooter followed her.  The two of them got into a heated argument about her not supposed to be there, and that she parked blocking the road. 
The woman driving turned very abusive,  cursing and yelling at the camp host.  He finally took a picture of her tag and left to call it in.  After another 15 min,  she finally left.    I did see her have a handgun ,  and see her toss in into the SUV window when the camp host identified himself.   I was 10 feet away in the woods, next to an oak tree, with my Springfield .45 with the 600 lumen Surefire light.  I was sure she was going to shoot the camp host.  Thankfully nothing untoward happened.  Neither of them saw me.
Tony and max slept through it all.   :)
General Discussion / Re: BRRRRR!
« Last post by wsdstan on April 20, 2018, 09:54:42 PM »
It was windy here all darn day.  Went out to see if there were any turkeys gobbling but this wind has them sitting tight somewhere.  Probably could not hear them if they did.  Sounded like a bunch of jets going through the trees where I was sitting.  It rained for awhile too. 

Supposed to be a little better tomorrow.

The Turkeys did show up but it was about five minutes after sunset and it was past legal time.  Probably spooked them when I walked out too so it will be awhile before they come back to the roost area I was at.
General Discussion / Re: BRRRRR!
« Last post by Pete Bog on April 20, 2018, 07:40:46 PM »
Yowza, hit 55 today. Snow is leaving us in a hurry. Checked on the shooting range today. It's surrounded on three sides by dirt and the snow is still 4 feet deep in there. Probably be at least three weeks before I can use it. But, 50oF what a great day it was today.
General Discussion / Re: BRRRRR!
« Last post by NoseWarmer on April 20, 2018, 05:44:36 PM »
This guy died from a gunshot wound that I inflicted. .22lr HP at about 25 yards to the back of the head, such a destructive SOB.

General Discussion / Re: BRRRRR!
« Last post by NoseWarmer on April 20, 2018, 05:42:54 PM »
Looks like we're headed for another freak spring storm in northern Iowa, they are calling for rain, sleet, freezing rain and anywhere from 3"-10" depending how close we are to the equator.

Then it's suppose to warm back up to the 50's by the weekend.

Well we survived, about 5" at my house, 12 hour work day getting people their packages.

At about 5pm, the sun came out and started to melt some of the crap. 59F here today. But, they are calling for possible rain during the night.
General Discussion / Re: BRRRRR!
« Last post by xj35s on April 20, 2018, 05:35:14 PM »
Last night April 19th thru the 20th am was BAD. A lot of black ice and high winds. On one of the mountains on I-81 in PA at mile marker 130 something there were 3 wrecks. A car and a truck hauling a trailer in the median from the northbound side, and a big rig garbage hauler on the right shoulder of the southbound side.

The pickup and trailer were upside down in the median and the garbage truck was wedged in the ditch against the giant rock wall along the road. 3 bad wrecks at the same exact location I believe means a wind gust pushed them over. They were all in a perfect alignment from east to west.

I never would have thought the driving would be so bad in April. Coming home around 6 am between Whitney Point and Marathon it was thick ice on the road. 30 mph carefully!!!! They even salted the roads prior. !?!

Overnight and Camping / Re: Mannlicher and Mad Max in camp
« Last post by Yellowyak on April 20, 2018, 03:23:40 PM »
Sounds like you guy's had a great time. Location looks perfect. Even before you mentioned it, after seeing that first picture of the sugar sand road in, my first thought was, no way the Camry would make it down that road, that's 4Runner material. I do want to hear more about the insane women in the dark thought.
Overnight and Camping / Re: Mannlicher and Mad Max in camp
« Last post by imnukensc on April 20, 2018, 03:09:46 PM »
Great stuff!  You guys had it made in the shade!
Overnight and Camping / Re: Mannlicher and Mad Max in camp
« Last post by Mannlicher on April 20, 2018, 02:46:16 PM »
I pointed out one of my fatwood honey holes to Tony.  We harvested some killer stuff two times.  There is still a ton left

Re that forest service sign.  Camp host said they had to call an off road recovery vehicle to rescue 9 campers last year, and already 6 this year.  These back roads in the Ocala NF are NOT for cars, two wheel drive trucks, or AWD vehicles.  They just can't handle the soft sand, deep ruts and washboard effect
Overnight and Camping / Re: Mannlicher and Mad Max in camp
« Last post by madmax on April 20, 2018, 02:38:18 PM »
Our humble abodes.


In a confusing jumble of roads this tries to steer people away from a road that WILL get a 2 wd stuck.  It doesn't work.

Mist on the prairie.


Bat house.

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