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Sam Houston Memorial Museum - Huntsville, Tx
« on: February 20, 2016, 06:10:55 PM »
We visited the SHMM today to see if I could do some casual research on 1830's mens clothing.  We found very little but the museum was interesting.

This is a photo of Sam Houston's law office.  All of the significant buildings of his career were moved to this site which was the family homestead after he retired from politics.

This is the steamboat house where he died.

Inside the Museum, I took photos of a the museums interpretation of Sam lying wounded under a tree while meeting Santa Anna.

I am not sure this man is wearing authentic 1830s clothing.  Looks like longhunter clothes from the fur trade era.

This is a real flintlock tool.  I make one very similar but instead of forge welding it into a T, I fold it to the left, the back over itself to the right.

I did not get much useful information about men's fashions but it was a nice day spent with my wife.

I guess he'd rather be in Colorado.
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