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Going to try the stainless bowl idea when we can get back in the area. Closed off at the moment due to land/mud slides from all the rain we have gotten lately...also a few sink holes have popped up from listening to the local news of the area.
Glass containers/bowls will hold prints better than steel. I've seen some photos of prints on stainless steel, and some of the bowls used have pretty rough finishes. The smoother the surface, of course, the better chance to get prints that can be lifted.

Some powdered charcoal, talcum powder, an ulta soft makeup brush, and a roll of tape is all you need.  I'd suggest clear packing tape, since the prints may be wider than 3/4" Scotch tape. The tape needs to be clear, not frosted like most of the common tape you find.
Custom Knives / Re: New filet knife from Crashblades
« Last post by wolfy on Yesterday at 10:03:12 PM »
That bocote handle is gorgeous.....really sets off the nicely ground blade-design! :cheers: :thumbsup:
Custom Knives / Re: New filet knife from Crashblades
« Last post by crashdive123 on Yesterday at 07:45:56 PM »
Glad you like it Sam.  Here are a few pics I took of it.

Custom Knives / Re: New filet knife from Crashblades
« Last post by OutdoorEnvy on Yesterday at 07:09:59 PM »
That is sweet!  Just when I had my knife cravings under control you go and post this...the one knife I don't have a custom in...thanks a lot Mannlicher...I'll get over it if you post some action pics of it soon!

Going to try the stainless bowl idea when we can get back in the area. Closed off at the moment due to land/mud slides from all the rain we have gotten lately...also a few sink holes have popped up from listening to the local news of the area.
General Discussion / Re: The best people
« Last post by Moe M. on Yesterday at 06:43:23 PM »
How many times have we heard the words "The Best People you ever want to meet" are Hunters, fishermen, shooters, campers, seems every group has their own "The Best people",  well we here on Blades and Bushlore have ours as well,  and today I'd like to single one out,  but before I do I'd like to thank all of the members of this forum for being ever ready to lend a hand, share skills, funny stories, or share an outing or adventure, and even giving a gift occasionally just 'cause it felt like the thing to do at the time,  I've been a member here since PW & Red put it together, been a while,  if I had to name every member who has done me an unasked for goodness I'd have to refer to the members list, but you all know who you are.
 We here are truely blessed to have a place to come to to learn, teach, rant, and just be comfortable and feel safe at with friends who share the same pleasures of life that you do,  and every once in a while one of us goes above and beyond the average and does something for someone else that's completely unexpected,  and today was my day to be that someone else that one of you did something for that was completely unexpected and heart warming,  and I do mean heart warming, for I'm not too proud to say that it choked me up a bit.
 But first a little back storey,  a short while ago I posted about backpacking stoves to share some of my thoughts on small stoves and also to add to the activity on the forum which I think is important to our continued success on B&B, one of our members read my thread and for what ever his reason was moved to do something nice for another member.
 So today I go out to the mailbox to check for mail as I do every day, there's a few pieces of mail in the box and a package on the porch under the mail box,  I figured it's for my wife as she's always buy some little thing for one of our seven kids and ten grand kids,  she says she not expecting anything,  but the package is in my name,  and it's from Amazon,  I didn't order anything.
 I open the package and inside there's a brandy new Ohuhu Stainless Steel backpacking stove,  I figured it's got to be a mistake on Amazons part,  I didn't order a stove or any other gear lately,  so I open the box and there's a note,  it says "Hi Moe, I was reading your recent post on Blades and Bushlore about backpacking stoves,  and thought you might like one of these to play with this spring,  Happy February ".


 I'm blown away by this gift and by the generocity of this man who took the time and expense to do something nice for someone for no other reason than just being a truley good person,  I guess you can tell that I don't experience this kind of thing very often,  and though you probably can't tell by this long winded post,  I'm at a loss for words, what do you say to a guy like YellowYak that can possibly match the generocity of his gift ?
 All I can say is Thanks Greg,  I will indeed enjoy playing with it,  and I will do a review of the Ohuhu stove,  and also a comparison report between the it and the Solo Stove,   I can already see where the Ohuhu stove has a clear advantage in that it has a bigger burn chamber than the Solo Stove.

 Again my friend, thank you so much, the stove is nice, but your giving of yourself in that way is priceless and won't soon be forgotten. 


  This is a follow up to the thread that I posted back in February thanking Greg (Yellow Yak) for the gift of a new Ohuhu wood/gasifier backpacking stove,  it was totally unexpected by me,  I posted to thank him for his generous gift.
  I told Greg that I would give it a try and maybe do a comparison review between the Ohuhu stove and my Solo stove and give him my opinion about how they measure up,  I tested both stoves using the same types of fuel which included,  twigs, pine cones, and general burnable ground litter,  then with grill pellets, then chunks of split thumb sized split hardwood about 3-12" long and packed tightly standing up in the stove, I also tried both stoves using an alcohol Spirit Burner (Trangia stove).
  Both stoves are fairly close in design,  both are made of sturdy stainless steel, both are very well made and finish is flawless,  both worked equally well and equally bad depending on the fuel used and how they are loaded,  the Ohuhu stove sells for about $25.00, the Solo Stove Lite (my model) retails at about $70.00, both can be purchased at Amazon.
  Some Pros and cons,  The solo stove is expensive, otherwise there's not much to dislike,  the Ohuhu stove worked great,  although I did have trouble using some of my smaller pots like the Stanley adventure pot and my Toaks .750 ML. bush pot,  both are too narrow to fit safely on the wide stance of the Ohuhu's pot stand where as with the Solo stove was able to use my narrower pots a REI SS cups.
  My only other complaint with the Ohuhu stove is that it has no feed window, to add more fuel you have to take your pot off the stove,  the Solo stove has a useable feed window which allows fuel to be fed into the stove without removing your pot or skillet.
  However, if loaded the right way with the right fuel you can get about 30 minutes of burn time before needing to add more fuel which is plenty of time for most cooking and boiling chores,  I found that the fuels that worked best in both stoves was chunked thumb sized split hardwood,  and alcohol using a Spirit burner (Trangia stove).
  When using the wood chunks I packed them fairly tightly, then I used birch bark, twigs, and treated cotton balls packed in between the chunks of split wood to get it lighted, worked well every time.
  Wood pellets were hard to get started because they tend to block off the intake of air from the bottom of the stove,  twigs and other loose fuels burned too fast, too hot, and had to be constantly added to maintain a decent cook fire which means they needed constant attention or they'd burn out.
  My opinion,  Both stoves worked well,  economically the Ohuhu is the better buy,  the Solo stove is a bit more versatile,  I chose to stick with my Solo Stove because it's smaller diameter fits my Mors Bush Pot.

  Greg, I think you'll be happy to know that I gifted the Ohuhu stove forward to a Good friend who will be using it with his kids in hopes of being able to buy enough of them to supply his troop,  if it tests out ok he intends to run a couple of fund raisers to buy them.
  So thanks again my friend,  you've not only done something nice for me but your gift is going on to make others very happy as well.
General Discussion / Re: XXX SCOUTS OF AMERICA
« Last post by Moe M. on Yesterday at 05:22:15 PM »

  Sorry guys,  I was referring to the BSA Oath and called it Motto instead,  Senility creeping in I guess.  (Grin)
Custom Knives / Re: New filet knife from Crashblades
« Last post by madmax on Yesterday at 12:20:26 PM »
I love these knives.
General Discussion / Re: XXX SCOUTS OF AMERICA
« Last post by wolfy on Yesterday at 12:16:06 PM »
Just another of my failed attempts at levity, I guess. :shrug:

The Girl Scouts appear to be gaining some members since the acceptance of girls in the Cub Scouts program.  Maybe SOME good will come of all this.....
General Discussion / Re: XXX SCOUTS OF AMERICA
« Last post by Mannlicher on Yesterday at 12:08:41 PM »
not sure the 'be prepared' thing included being ready to deal with  peaderasty.  Especially from a 'trusted leader'.   Issuing a good Buck knife would seem to be more in the way of being prepared.
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