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MLL Knives:
Hello and Welcome to MLL Knives.

My name is Mario Leao and I am the man behind the MLL Knives.

The MLL Knives was initially founded by practitioners of bushcraft and survival techniques, over the years we have developed and created our own knives always paying close attention to the performance and usability in the field. In 2008 I (Mario Leao) after a few years of experience decided to develop my own project, took the initiative to produce some custom knives for sale to local enthusiasts and adopted the brand MLL Knives, thereafter tried to develop and improve resistant and robust knives suitable for hard work, my knives are now used by knife enthusiasts, bushcrafters, military and general use.

My custom knives are manufactured individually by hand, I use ancient forging techniques combined with the use of new technologies to produce a roughing tool in high-quality steel, you can rely on whatever the terrain or geographical location, always ready to help in urban, jungle, desert, ocean or domestic environmental.

In my knives manufacture I use three main types of steel, "O1" carbon steel, X55CrMo14 stainless steel, N690 stainless steel. I design my knives giving the utmost attention to details such as: strength, versatility, simplicity, comfort in use, good cutting ability, durability and utility.

Following these principles I intend to create a beauty and useful tool. I hope you feel satisfaction in the use as I feel in their production.

To learn more about my work go to my site


If you have any questions about my knives feel free to ask for clarification.

Thanks for coming by.

cant wait to see some of your work!

Congratulations on the new subforum! :thumbsup:

Congrats on the store front look forward to seeing more stuff from ya

Like all of the others looking forward to seeing your work and congrats on the vendor section.


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