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« on: February 01, 2013, 01:04:58 PM »
I finally got the bungee sling finished for Matt and here is the build along with some pics. I'll put the video tutorial at the end for reference, it's the same one as my other thread. I was only able to find 1/2" bungee in white unlike his which is black.

Here is the first end whipped with finish knot melted using flame. I got a black booger that dripped on the 550 as you can see but it didn't hurt it any only cosmetic. This gave me an idea I used on the next end knot. I put the finished knot in the eye of the bungee so there would be no lumps sticking out on side. This is where I did it a little different than in his video. I used about six inches longer of 550 to do this as well to have some room to place the knot where I wanted. I also just left the duck tape on the ends as it can only help with securing it. (yes I call it "duck" as it was originally called by GI's)

Then slide on the nylon tubing before doing the other end. It would really suck to forget this if you finished the second whipping. Second end whipped with knot finished in eye. On this end I superglued the snot out of the knot which seemed to not only glue it together but chemically weld the sheathing together by the way it turned black some just like melting it with flame. I don't think it is going anywhere. I also superglued the tag end a little.

Here is the fun part and getting the inner tube on. Kinda like trying to fit in the jeans you wore in high school. Since the bungee I used was white, I left a few inches of inner tube overlap the nylon tubing so white wouldn't show when it stretched. I also took a black permanent marker and painted the ends for an inch or so. Almost finished sling waiting for HK clips to come in. Here is where I differed from the way he did it as well. I used two pieces of inner tube with the first one only going up to the eye of the bungee. The first sling I made for myself I used only one piece and found it to be much more of a PITA to do. Much more legs to get through those skinny jeans you could say. This first part of inner tube of each end I put on over the nylon tubing before I whipped the end. I found it easier to approach it from this end and only go up to the eye.

Here is where I differed mine from the video a little again. Instead of permanently welding this part of 550 together I used a double fisherman's knot so it could be adjusted somewhat for length by the individual if needed. If you want it longer you could always only loop it through three times instead of four or just use a longer piece of 550 to start with. To use the fisherman's knot I also used a 2' 6" piece of 550 instead of the 2' piece he used in the video with a square knot.

HK clips came in and installed with double fisherman's knot secured in bungee eye so not fat pieces sticking out.

All finished end with second piece of inner tube on end and overlapping part of first. Can't hurt for durability.

2-point sling carry.

1-point sling carry.

Here's the beauty of the HK clips and the 1-point sling way if that's your preference.

The video for reference.
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Re: MATT CHAOS's Sling
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2013, 08:28:58 AM »
Woohoo!  That's awesome!
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Re: MATT CHAOS's Sling
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2013, 03:20:06 PM »
Great job man! Matt I think your really gonna like using that one.