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Computer Fireside Discussions
« on: March 24, 2013, 03:27:27 PM »
For the longest time I viewed the interweb as the best Magic Eightball ever.

Now that I've taken part in various online communities I view it as fireside chat. I step away from the fire often and can't jump into a conversation without being disruptive. I also understand that because I come and go often its hard for anyone to count on me to take part though I dearly wanted to do the Postal Match. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm happy to sit and listen and am intrigued by the thought that we sit around the same fire but so many miles separate us. It's cool to hear that some of you get together. And something that I accept is that some of us are rough around the edges. I know my conversation may be a lot like me telling you instead of me being able to articulate it so its equal conversation.

We all choose to be here for different reasons and though I'd like to be a practicing bushcraft master it's not going to happen. I have a huge interest but I have to live it through you guys. If your feeling a bit course that's fine because it adds to the character of the conversation. If I wanted a bunch of like minded people that all thought their widgets were the best and everybody else was wrong I'd go back to where i came from! What brought me back was the maturity of the crowd.

So please don't second guess yourself for me and if I need it go ahead and call me out. If you really need to give me an ass chewing go ahead and PM me. I won't be putting anyone on an ignore list. After all, it adds to the flavor of the place. I don't pick out the anchovies to make the pizza better for me. How you prepare it is fine for me.

The maturity of the crowd.
I really like the fire kits and how they differ. Always positive wether its friction fire , flint and steel, or those ferro rods that I haven't figured out yet. We all know we use Bics but it doesn't have to be said out loud. Same goes for the packs, stoves, etc. We all get our bushcraft groove on differently and accepting it in a positive manner without smoothing the rough edges is what does it for me.

As this site grows and there are more people interacting we are going to have growing pains. It's not going to be as comfortable as a small group of friends. It's going to be a collective of small groups of friends. And with the collection of original mature members I'm sure this site will be guided in a positive manner. I've been impressed so far.

Thanks for reading. It's too beautiful of a day to spend indoors so I'm going out to play!