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Another new MLL knife
« on: August 25, 2016, 11:48:36 PM »

  Hello Mario,  we haven't seen any of your new knives in a while,  hope all is well.

  I just picked up another of your knives,  not sure of the model but I think it's a Companion,  has a 4.5" blade of N690 Stainless 5/32" thick, Brown Micarta scales with Black bolsters and liners,  it has a convex grind with a micro bevel.
  I'm not a fan of Micarta or Stainless steel for my fixed blade knives,  I prefer wood scales and 01 tool steel,  but that may change with this knife,  it's one of the most comfortable feeling knives I own,  I like the blade design and the thickness of the blade,  not too thick and not too thin,  the knife is remarkably nimble, and the balance is just right.
 I have an Adirondack, Splinter S,  Different K,  and now this new one,  and while the others have been great knives,  this Stainless version of the Campanion just felt like an old friend the moment I first held it in my hand,  it may very well grow to be my new go to favorite.

 Thanks for making such great user knives at affordable prices,  keep up the good work.    :thumbsup:

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