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Title: Summer So Far..!
Post by: John Van Gelder on August 03, 2017, 06:28:04 PM
Back when we were all commiserating over winter, I had really hoped that all of the snow followed by a cold wet spring would have reduced the wildfire threat.. Well it did not work that way, all of the extra moisture just produced more fuel.

It is now hot and dry, 100+ down on the flat.  Cooler up here, by around 15 deg.  Our fire hazard warning went from high to extreme. 

A bit ago I posted on Wolfy's DROUGHT thread that there were 10 active fires in the Wa.,/OR area, when I checked a few minutes ago, it is now up to 12. 

This in not unusual summer weather for here, the last rain is around the end of June and there is no more until October.  In years gone by, I had a number of herds of range cattle, that pretty much ate a "fire break" around my place, no cows this year. I am looking a lot of 5-6' tall dry grass.

After the wildfire came through last year and burnt right up to the end of my drive way, I am a little apprehensive.

A lot of structural damage to my barns from the snow load last winter, getting that repaired and doing some "upgrades" has kept me pretty busy . 

Lots of bears this year, I have seen four different adults, and one small female with two cubs.  I had some really nice bull elk wander through, they came by pretty regularly until the 3rd week in July.

I happened on a small band of cow elk, and everyone had a calf.  I haven't seen any mule deer or whitetail fawns, but the grass is so high every where that is not a surprise.

I did not take the tracks off my 4 wheeler, it is so much more useful with the tracks.

With all of the fires, the air quality is about the same as LA... j