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Title: Braslite Failure!!!!!!!!
Post by: xj35s on April 17, 2018, 04:24:17 PM
I have been using this stove for a long time. Last night I was Timing the boil of 2 cups of water on a stainless steel pot stand. I'm not sure if the container created too much contained heat inside where the stove was or what.

The brasslite let go of all the alcohol. It flamed up a lot. I was lucky it kept to the inside of the stand and was close to burning out.

I'm sure it was my fault having set it up this way. I am no longer going to use any soldered stove that could leak. I'm working on a cat can stove with the felt wick around the edge and the can in the center that makes the stand.

I almost cut this can so I could slide the stove in and out easily but wasn't sure I wanted to cut it up yet. I wish I did now.


Title: Re: Braslite Failure!!!!!!!!
Post by: Unknown on April 18, 2018, 04:30:40 PM
I would say; what you said, is likely what happened. Got too hot.
  Maybe outside at a lower temp w/ wind and such,  it might run.
Title: Re: Braslite Failure!!!!!!!!
Post by: xj35s on April 19, 2018, 03:30:14 PM
I have always used it with my nimblewill stove. It works, is lighter, and can burn wood. I don't know what I was thinking here actually...
Title: Re: Braslite Failure!!!!!!!!
Post by: Unknown on April 19, 2018, 04:19:20 PM
I don't know either ;) seemed like a fine experiment at the start.

I've had the same thing happen with can stove and windscreen but was much slower in my diagnosis than you were. It had worked before and then it didn't another time.
  But it really didn't because it was a different screen :shrug:

Timing boil is probably better in real life conditions especially if you are making supply plans from the data.

Wood is good. Almost always there anywhere you want to be. A small fire just big enough to boil a pot can usually be made safely....all things, risks considered.

Did you try a cold weather , outdoor test?
Title: Re: Braslite Failure!!!!!!!!
Post by: Moe M. on April 20, 2018, 05:21:10 AM
  I'd say you were lucky that your Brasslite stove did have soldered seams,  I've seen a couple of videos of canisters with pocket rocket type stoves blow up because of being overheated inside windscreens that didn't allow enough heat to escape between the fuel container and  the windscreen.
  Mostly I use a small campfire when ever possible, when it isn't I usually turn to alcohol as my go to fuel,  I have a home made crumb catcher stove made of a few V-8 cans, a small sink drain (crumb catcher), and three pegboard plier holders,  and I have two Trangia type alcohol spirit burners, one is a larger military surplus burner, the other is marketed by Solo Stoves,  the larger of the two works perfectly with a folding Sterno stove,  the smaller one works great in my Solo Stove Lite wood/gasifier stove.
  When used in conjunction with a stove such as those a wind screen is not needed and there's enough venting to let overheated air to escape safely,  my Crumb catcher stove does need a windscreen even in mild wind to get the best efficientcy out of the stove,  for this I use a piece of HD aluminum foil cut from a throw away cookie sheet,  I keep it rolled up in my cook pot,  it cut big enough so the there's at least two inches of free air space between the stove and the screen, plenty enough to let built up heat escape. 
  When a twig fire is a good option both the folding Sterno Stove and the Solo Stove will get the job done very well.
Title: Re: Braslite Failure!!!!!!!!
Post by: wolfy on April 20, 2018, 07:37:14 AM
Moe, I think people would have better luck, when seeking components for one of these alcohol burners, if they look for a 'sink strainer' rather than a 'crumb catcher.'  ???
Title: Re: Braslite Failure!!!!!!!!
Post by: Unknown on April 21, 2018, 10:55:48 PM
I still don't get it.

I guess when something is said the reader doesn't get- a net search may solve it