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General Discussion / Re: Hey wolfy! Time to Trade in the Hog?
« Last post by Orbean on Yesterday at 06:00:26 AM »
That was a half hearted joke.  I just don't see Harley riders warming to an electric motor.  Apparently "mountainbikers" (and I use that term loosely here) are buying electric assisted mountainbikes though.  Who knows?  If I see Hushnel or Animal on an electric Harley, I'll be a believer.  He's gonna kill me for that blaspheme.

Not a fan of the electric assist mt bikes.

LOL.  Me neither.  I felt guilty riding a ski lift to ride a downhill course.  But DANG!

Lol, my first time doing ski lift rides was on a hardtail, after that ride got my first fully suspended bike and holy cow. Those downhill runs can be no joke, i saw someone break a stumpjumper frame, not suspended. Those downhill runs can be scary fast and out of control. Man to be young again.
General Discussion / Re: Very laid back, fair, even tempered moderator wanted.
« Last post by madmax on Yesterday at 05:46:05 AM »
They probably can't do it because they always have a lot on their plates,  but Crashdive123 and Yellowyak are both very level headed and computer savvy.  I've camped quite a few times with them and they both would be excellent mods.  Crash can sniff out a spammer like a bloodhound.
Food and Cooking / Re: Sourdough starter
« Last post by Mannlicher on Yesterday at 05:43:44 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Hey wolfy! Time to Trade in the Hog?
« Last post by Mannlicher on Yesterday at 05:23:15 AM »
Well damn Mike.  I was not aware about your Mom or Animal.   We are only 40 min apart. 
Other than booting spam trolls, I don?t see any need for a moderator.  God knows I would not be the ideal candidate.  Lol
General Discussion / Re: Very laid back, fair, even tempered moderator wanted.
« Last post by Unknown on August 12, 2018, 09:48:10 PM »
What? Actually I think I'd be quite good at it. Anything I have said in public forums is darn nice. When it wasn't, wee- that was a thread that should have been private from the OP

Here's the thing. I think anyone but PW would have likely banned me some time ago. Not for any right reason. Who whines? Some " terms of service" social justice type? TBH instead of singly me out to not be a mod- I would likely be best at it. Like PM I would have to abstain from numerous threads... well not actually numerous, only the most interesting.

I've complained a few times myself. Like when someone says " Phuck" when that is the most intelligent thing the person ever said. it bugs me because- why does one need to be so esplicit; the lil censored dude is good enough. You guys are not clever when you say @ss. Maybe you realize in that moment you are only talking to a dozen people, so it is ok.

Me? I want you to get mad. At me if needs be. I want you to think, re-examine. Obviously you all are in need of challenge. ( craftsmen excluded)

Having me for a mod would be just someone to talk to if you had a problem, but then you might get a pm asking why are you treating that. New guy like
General Discussion / Re: Very laid back, fair, even tempered moderator wanted.
« Last post by Orbean on August 12, 2018, 07:12:42 PM »
With the exception of myself and unknown, the both of us being hot-headed, I would think that just about any of the regulars would make a great mod. Having said that, have not things gone fairly well with just us to keep things in order. Frankly  think sometimes threads get lock to quickly; I find myself getting angry and then regretted and having to apologize later, I am thinking the rest of us are the same. Maybe instead of the need for another mod, the older guys could gently steer the newer members in what is appropriate and what is not. Having said that, members have left because of fights mainly because of politics and that kinda sucks.

But if I had to nominate a fellow member it would be Wolfy, I think he would be a good mod, even though I once argued with him about plumbing parts.
General Discussion / Very laid back, fair, even tempered moderator wanted.
« Last post by PetrifiedWood on August 12, 2018, 05:52:55 PM »
It is very important that whoever takes on the responsibility understands that first and foremost, it is crucial that they not be a hammer in search of a nail. I've only really had to take a handful of moderation actions over the years. We are a pretty self-regulating bunch here and it would surprise me if anything got so far out of hand that anything needed to be done more than once a month on average.

So that said, we don't need the kind of moderator that feels like they have to do something every time there is a rule violation. We need someone who will consider each reported post on a case by case basis. We get perhaps one reported post a month (or possibly less) and often things settle down after the thread is locked and folks have a chance to cool off. If we didn't have sometimes lively, impassioned arguments here, we might not be quite as entertained.

I suggest that all of you carefully consider who among you is the most even tempered and logical, and who YOU would like to trust with the responsibility of making fair decisions about locking threads when they get out of hand. Whoever it is will need to be a "regular" that spends enough time here to be able to respond to moderation reports and PMs within a reasonable time frame. They will also need the ability to set aside their own beliefs and opinions in order to moderate fairly. Bias is readily apparent to most people and it isn't easy to keep it from creeping into moderation actions.

If anyone has any objections to any of the people suggested, please send them to me via PM so as not to avoid ruffling any feathers.

And also please understand that
General Discussion / Re: Hey wolfy! Time to Trade in the Hog?
« Last post by hushnel on August 12, 2018, 04:33:35 PM »
Thanks Brother.
General Discussion / Re: Hey wolfy! Time to Trade in the Hog?
« Last post by Spyder1958 on August 12, 2018, 04:29:05 PM »
Sorry for your lost of Mom and good friend Hush.
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