Author Topic: I hate being so computer stupid, but here goes...  (Read 876 times)

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I hate being so computer stupid, but here goes...
« on: December 30, 2013, 01:33:27 PM »
Today while I was typing an email I got a phone call, so I left the top open on my laptop while I was taking the call.  One of the cats walks across the keyboard to sit in the window.  Naturally I have a million letters and numbers to clear from the text, but no big deal...or so I thought!

I usually use the up and down keys (on the lower part of the keypad) to navigate on a page instead of the mouse and left click to scroll- if that makes any sense.

So when I got done I logged back in here and now the up arrow jumps right to the top of the page, and the down arrow jumps to the scrolling anymore.

I tried the "scroll lock" key with the "FN" key held down, but nothing.

It's an elcheapo Toshiba Satellite C655D if that helps any.  Nothing fancy, just a basic laptop.

The other thing I noticed is now I have a flashing cursor locator (vertical line) on the home page like I am trying to type text on the home page- never had that before.  Usually after logging in I could just push the down or up arrow to see the listed posts.  It works fine while I'm typing this thread, it will go in all four directions, so the problem seems to be only when I'm on a page viewing, but not when typing.

Hope that helps and thanks in advance! 

Sometimes I hate computers...other times I hate cats! >:(   At least the dog has never tried dancing on least not yet :-[   

Edit- This morning I looked it up on Mozilla's site and it was something called caret browsing- you use the F7 key to toggle on/off if it happens to anyone else.
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