Author Topic: Swinging an Oxhead and a Black Prince  (Read 861 times)

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Swinging an Oxhead and a Black Prince
« on: November 02, 2014, 03:06:11 PM »
My dad is stocking up on birch for next winter and I was fortunately able to lend a hand this year.  I agreed to help fell, buck, load, unload, and split in exchange for his indulgence in my axe hobby.  I had a Iltus Oxhead that I really wanted to use more and a Welland Vale True Temper Black Prince that I had just cleaned up for use. 
Excited to test out the Prince asked dad to let the chainsaw have a break and took to a nice straight tree. I'm definitely more comfortable with a shorter, cruiser sized axe.  This one is massive, I don't have a scale nor a mind for weight estimation (maybe a 3lb head, 36 in handle?) but it's heavy in my hands.  I got through the birch huffing and puffing.  I think I need to swing more to get the knack of this one and maybe take a closer look at bevel I put on it.
After a rest, round two featured my Oxhead. I picked a slightly smaller tree but even so the difference in chopping was tangible. This little axe has a lot of cutting surface and a very thin bit profile.  I'm very pleased with how it performs and It'll be my number one for a while yet ( though it's starting to spit out the wedge I put in the old handle, might need a bit of maintenance)

After we got our wood loaded and back we got to splitting.  This is where the Black Prince redeemed itself.  It's not an axe I'd dedicate to be a splitting tool but it sure did the trick.  And I'm amazed how well the handle holds up to abuse despite its age.  It drank in a lot of oil when I restored it and now its tough and springy like new.

A bit more time with file and stone for the Welland Vale and a new wedge for the Oxhead and I'll be ready to come in swinging next season. 

Thanks for looking.


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Re: Swinging an Oxhead and a Black Prince
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2014, 07:11:36 AM »
That's some good chopping you did there!  I prefer to chop with handles in the 28-30" range myself.  My two favs are a council boys axe and an old Mann double bit.  The double is 3.5lbs but the 28" handle makes it not feel as heavy.  A lot of this preference has to do with the fact that I'm just more accurate with a 28" axe since that's what I'm used to. 

Anyways, that seemed like a great day with your dad.  I like putting in a good days work with hand tools you can appreciate!  There's a lot to be said for that. 
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