Author Topic: Advice on military frames (alice/molle) for use with military or canvas packs  (Read 1215 times)

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Hi all. I'm thinking about getting an alice frame to use along with a canvas pack. I was thinking a setup where i have a frame that i can strap my canvas bag to while going into camp, then leave frame at camp and bum around or go hunting with only my small-medium canvas pack. Then throw everything back together to hike out.

I have almost no experience with framed packs. I've only used a few that i borrowed, my ultra light backpacking packs were frameless and the leather and canvas bags I've been using recently are frameless as well. I want to be able to carry more weight (or meat) back and forth to the truck easier though and make my pack a bit more modular. What do you guys think about the alice frames? I read that the hip belt is actually much higher than the hips to allow you to still wear a belt. I try to always open carry in the forest so having my belt line useable is a huge positive to me. I also like that i can get a radio shelf for it. I think that could come in handy when carrying out meat. Normally i drag the dear and sometimes it's hell depending on how far I am and what the terrain is like. I'd really like to have a system to be able to pack it out easier. Also during the winter months I could strap more campsite related bulky items to my frame and still have the essentials in my smaller canvas pack to disconnect and take on my hikes from camp.

I saw some folks are putting molle frames on alice packs how does that work and is the belt still in the same position to allow use of a belt mounted holster, knife etc? does the molle frame accept any kind of shelf?

Advice and suggestions would be appreciated.
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