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I've been wanting to see a knife picture thread on a forum with the make and model clearly noted that was as free from requoted pictures and dialogue as possible. The idea being that it would be a fairly neat and googleable reference catalog for edged tools on an established forum. So if someone enters search parameters "Junglas vs Scrapyard 911" or something like that, they are led to a thread that is a joy to scroll through with a minimum of jumble or picture-less posts.  So if we could maybe try to keep the discussion to a minimum, maybe by taking extended conversation to PM or even a new thread based on that new topic/tool and maybe try to refer to post numbers instead of quoting pictures when asking about a particular knife I think we could keep it pretty neat and efficient. Obviously questions/comments are welcome, just try to stay away from protracted debates over specific posts. Obviously this is unenforceable, and that is not my intent anyway JUST an idea. I think you all get the picture, so i'll just shutup and post a picture with a minimum of protracted explanation in t-minus 1 minute... :P

in a discussion about this over in the supporter's forum Unknown put it much clearer than I (paraphrased):

--- Quote from: Unknown on May 20, 2016, 05:36:31 PM ---Tell me if I'm wrong, but maybe you could phrase it  like this. please do not quote previous posts. Please do add  personal photos of your knife(knives) with maker, specs and maybe brief comment(s)

            See how long it lasts.

--- End quote ---

Thanks and if it works good maybe we can sticky one of these for each knife and tool subforum..?

ExGurkha Kukri House 11" Iraq Model, ESEE Junglas, Scrapyard Sykco 911, and Mtech Bowie

The Kukri has been pretty heavily modified 
The Junglas had a choil added and the mtech is getting a new handle/guard shape.

Buck/Tops Short Nighthawk. Helle Viking. Mora Companion HD with added striker pommel.


Old pic but still have em all.


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