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fancy fire steels
« on: February 01, 2017, 03:01:29 PM »
today in the shop. i was going thru some of my pen blank collection.
and decided to make my fire steels fancy,
one i made with a amboyna burl top
another with brazillian ebony and the others i don't know cause when
you buy bulk packs of exotic wood seldom is the wood labled.
as to it's spieces and origin.sadly one thing i'm finding is

not all exotic wood is beautiful.
anyhow i went thru some of spots where i have firesteels and took them to the shop.
i would like to do all my steels this way with the 1/4,in brass lanyard hole.
well i have a retraction to make; i was in the shop a moment ago and saw a small labled piece
matching the first one i did it's THUYA BURL NOT AMBOYNYA.
yes folks why even shakey has to do a retraction now and agin.
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