Author Topic: Testing BC Skis, Wool hunting clothes and local tinders. Shoshone NF, WY  (Read 2352 times)

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This last weekend testing out my new planks. Fishscale touring skis, clicked in with soft leather mountaineering boots. You can check out the binding and boot on my blog. They can't ski that well, but they tackle similar terrain to snow shoes, but with the advantage of glides down gentle hills.

Columbia wool camo I am testing out. The high contrast pattern blends well with the snow and pines. I wore pants and undies, and a cotton l/s shirt and a jacket. It was good for an aerobic layer in the 20*F, sunny, gentle breeze. I would layer a lot under it if I were to hunt with this clothing static.

The next day we explored my friends backyard, the river bottom, and I examined the local tinder sources. Cottonwood fibres, sage brush tips, and some hornets nest.

We hangout and maintain my friends wikiup he had been working on for some time. Wonderful weekend.

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Beautiful area!  I still miss my home in Colorado.  Thanks for posting.
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Thanks for keeping us abreast of your adventures......I'm really enjoying your blog, too! :thumbsup:
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Nice country.  Interesting wikiup.  Are those fish traps off to the left?
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Yeah my friend and his scout troop are very bushcrafty they have a pile of those traps for trout. However he also teaches them to flyfish so they pull in many times more fish with flies than traps.