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The Ashley Book of Knots (ABOK)

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The holy grail of knot books Ashley Book of Knots, ABOK,  is now in the public domain. This mighty tome is one hefty volume and one sizeable download even in pdf format. It's more than just a knot book however, with all sorts of boat based and occupational uses for cordage. Saw this mentioned on Hammock Forums and wanted to share here.


I downloaded the pdf version to my phone and it all looks to be there.I have this book which I  love, it is nice to have a digital version also.

Thanks Ron!

I have the book, too.....Heather gave me a copy about 25 years ago, but DIGITAL KNOTS! :drool:

Thanks, greyhound! :cheers:

I have the book too. Makes my fingers hurt :)


I too have the book, however having a PDF is much more handy


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