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i would like to encourage members here to spend some afternoon or morning
to getout. bring the dog cook some food make a firestick some thing,
and photograph it an post to the fourm. i think it would be a fun thing to do.
if we could do this over the next couple of weeks say,  and get a phototime going
of our day out. mabey make a shelter show off your charcloth latest knife or axe in use
so waddya think?

matter of fact i'll start out the whole deal first. but I have to clean up the camp a bit so it don't look like
hobo heaven,lol. getout the cast iron pan and cook up some grub, have some coffee heck yeah.
matter of fact i'm finishing up a new knife with masur birch scales, which i'll use.

Keith H:
I think it is a good idea, but if this is all about bushcraft, with respect, I think it is about time members got away from using charred cloth & started learning about & using plant & fungi tinders.

Moe M.:

  Good post Keith,  I haven't used char cloth since I watched your video about punkwood several years ago,  and a bonus was not having to make char cloth every time you run low,  with charred punk wood you only have to do it once in a great while, I just keep feeding my tin a little when I run across a piece of punk in the woods, I haven't run out yet.   

Personally I don't care whether a person starts a fire with a Bic or flint and steel on all the things that can be used.  If we get out and enjoy the outdoors we are having fun.  Bushcraft isn't a primitive skills contest for me.

keith if you don't mind me askin what kinda wood is that the one tree looks like shagbark hickory.
oh and thaks for the pictures nice camp.


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