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Oh My My.  Oh Hell Yes.  Baby put on your party dress.

That was a fine camp with good friends and good food.

Great pictures as always Crash. Had a great time at camp KICCO. Got on the water and did a little paddling with Crash and Sam, great weather on Friday. Still full from all of the great food, thanks guys. Only took a few pictures.

Tried out a new inflatable car top rack. Worked great. Packs up to bread-loaf size, including pump:

Cooked up some Chicken and Steak Fajitas on the skottle grill and a Pineapple Upside Down Cake in the dutch oven for dinner:

Spyder cooked up some excellent Bear Sausage and Bacon on Crash's skottle:

Fresh Peach Cobbler cooked in a dutch oven for dessert. Need to half the lemon zest next time, was a little tangy:

Solo Stove Backpacking Tripod torture test. Too much heat for this aluminum set, one of the legs buckled. Not designed for direct fire use. Would be fine for a self contained, small wood burner:

Testing the capability of a small, backpacking sized mini spit. I need to up my chicken trussing game, and insertion method, the chicken would slip on the spit:

great pictures as always.  Makes the trip last and last.   :)

Awesome spread as usual guys! and damn, missed more bear sausage, I tell stories about that stuff.... Cant wait for the next one.


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