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Mannlicher and Mad Max in camp

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boy we picked a great time to camp in the Ocala NF.   Perfect weather.  Deserted campground.  Nutty camp hosts,  insane women in the dark.  What fun!
We ate well.  Venison burgers,  bratwursts,  peach cobbler and a lot of other delicious meals.  We cut firewood, harvested fatwood,  hiked and sat on our butts.   :)
The road in

group pic

our camp


wild bees

Our humble abodes.


In a confusing jumble of roads this tries to steer people away from a road that WILL get a 2 wd stuck.  It doesn't work.

Mist on the prairie.


Bat house.

I pointed out one of my fatwood honey holes to Tony.  We harvested some killer stuff two times.  There is still a ton left

Re that forest service sign.  Camp host said they had to call an off road recovery vehicle to rescue 9 campers last year, and already 6 this year.  These back roads in the Ocala NF are NOT for cars, two wheel drive trucks, or AWD vehicles.  They just can't handle the soft sand, deep ruts and washboard effect

Great stuff!  You guys had it made in the shade!

Sounds like you guy's had a great time. Location looks perfect. Even before you mentioned it, after seeing that first picture of the sugar sand road in, my first thought was, no way the Camry would make it down that road, that's 4Runner material. I do want to hear more about the insane women in the dark thought.


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