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2-nighter in the Smokies

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Finally got out in the woods after having to cancel/re-schedule several prior attempts. Spent two nights in a backcountry campsite in the Cades Cove area of the National Park. Days were warm but night time temps got down into the 30's - the coldest nights I've slept in a hammock but I survived.

That's my hang on the right. I used a down underquilt. The second night I used an SOL Sport Utility Emergency Blanket in addition to the underquilt and it made a noticeable difference in comfort.

Friend brought along his new Sven saw. First time I've used one and it was a great addition to the Bacho saw and Fiskars hatchet. We burned more wood than usual due to the cold nights.

Gratuitous Kephart shot...

Highlight of the trip was Friday's hike up to Gregory Bald on the TN/NC state line. At 4,949', it is not the highest elevation in the park but it offers one of the best views - almost 360 degrees. Fortunately, we had clear skies and great visibility.

Leaving the woods and entering the bald.

Looking NNE down into Cades Cove

Looking south into North Carolina

Another look at Cades Cove on the hike down. Still not much foliage in the upper elevations.

Hiking out on Saturday


Nice photos Sarge.  Great camp and country.  I have slept outside a fair bit but have never owned a hammock.  It might be a good way to go.  I was thinking of getting one of those SOL bivvys or emergency blankets to keep in the truck for the winter travel kit.  Glad to hear it makes a difference.

Nice Kephart too.  :). 


Stay right there.  I'll be there in a month.  No really.

Thanks, guys.

Tony, I'll be back there for sure. You're heading to the lake just South of there, right? Beautiful country!

Yeah Sarge.  I might be able to hike into some creeks this summer.


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