Author Topic: Filson Double Mackinaw VS Weather All Arounder Jacket Head to head Review  (Read 3673 times)

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I love my Filson Double Mackinaw, but this last winter I got a WeatherWool All Around Jacket. It kicks @$$. Made a comparison video between the two coats.

I think the Filson is entirely outclassed.

What do you think?

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Thanks for the review Don. I'll agree, looks like a great jacket.
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I will start this with a comment about the presenters obvious bias in favor of the Weather Wool coat.  It appears you were paid to do this from the way it unfolds and the comments you make.  That is my impression.  You don't mention what the wool weight is.  You don't go into details about anything critical of the Weather Wool and it has some faults.  Filson wool isn't itchy to me and the coat is both wind resistant and water resistant.  It has been some time since I saw a Filson double Mac's current version but the one I have had for thirty years is a little better at the sunlight test than the new one so maybe they are cheapening it up.  The Weather Wool coat doesn't outclass the Filson in my opinion and here is why:

It has an elastic waist band in the back.  Elastic wears out and sometimes pretty quickly. 

It uses zippers and over time zippers fail.  They are okay on pockets but never on the front to hold the coat together.  I see it has buttons too but I prefer buttons only on a woods coat.

Filson has lots of pockets with button closures and it is useful to have those.  I used the the map pocket in the back often and for more than maps.   The multiple front pockets are useful.  The Weather Wool coat isn't in the running when it comes to pockets.

The best wool in the world is from Australia at the present time and it is okay with me if Filson uses it.  I am not Australian but have friends in the wool business here in the USA and they are not biased about where the best wool comes from.

If you are in a pinch for cash you can sell a Filson on Ebay in a heartbeat.  Try that with your new Weather Wool jacket. 

Sorry Don, I think your review is too biased to be useful.  The coat you like is a nice coat but doesn't come close to outclassing the Filson, especially when it costs 70% more.
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I own both. I do favor the WW coat. I wore both guiding off horseback last season. Even the outfitter and other guides who are all Filson guys admit it's a better coat, at a price.

I am holding the 2017 Filson Double Mack now. There is no way it matches up to the 26oz fabric weight. It is clearly thin, and in the light appears like gauze. Holding the WW up it is surprising they advertise it as 19oz when it is thicker and heavier than the Filson fabric. The truth lies in the middle, Filson as of 2017 is definitely cutting corners, WW is possibly understating.

The Filson has way more pockets. I can get almost 3 times as much stuff into a Filson as a WeatherWool. It is also a fact that Filson front pockets have less retention than a zippered pocket. I am careful to put larger items into the pockets and I have to watch myself if I bend over or clamber over things with just a snap holding small things in. I lost a mushroomed bullet I retrieved from an elk for a client, I believe out a Filson pocket. Entirely my fault but I kinda blame the pocket design too.

Zippers and elastic do fail, but they can also be replaced. I prefer to have buttons too, but the zipper underneath a full set of buttons is game changing when riding into a strong headwind.

Filson I think is using NZ loomed fabric. It is decent fabric, but it is indeed scratchy as hell. It's a logger jacket, I should less, but it is indeed scratchier to skin.

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both brands are priced way out of the range I'm willing to pay.  I can get a modern material jacket from Bass Pro that performs as well, at a tiny fraction of the price of wool.

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Wow, more expensive than a Filson, must be a hell of a jacket. Thanks for the review

I have the woolrich version, it is scratchy and if windy not so great. However it is large enough to wear a fleece underneath and the combo is great for wet cold weather. Once the kids are gone and done with college I will become a Filsons customer but Arson51's review has sold me.
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I liked your vid, I'm a guy who prefers vintage type clothing though its more about quality/style/proven track record which the Filson coat surely has. But... I see some nice little improvements in design with the weatherwool jacket and I'd take a less scratchy wool jacket as well providing everything else was more or less equal
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