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Jeo-Tec #7 Field Knife

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I have used this blade for the past 3 months or so and made this write up that was published somewhere else. My review is too long and contains too many pictures to be shared here in its original form. So, I'll provide a link to my review ...
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Nice review, thanks for linking to it.

I've looked at several Jeo-Tec knives in the past year or so - the #7 in particular, along with the #19, #21 and #31 - but most of their sheath options are dreadful which makes them a nonstarter for me.  Shame too as they seem well designed for the task at hand and don't cost you a mortgage payment to buy.

I am unfamiliar with JEO-TEC . They look nice. Thanks for the info.

Like lgm, I'd never heard of them either. :P   I didn't get a chance to read the link until today, but that was a great review, SB!  :thumbsup:    Not exactly what I'd pick, but I am old & crochety and have my own preferences when it comes to 'general' field-knife design.  This knife appears to be the real deal for someone looking for a well made and designed survival-type knife that could take on almost everything that you'd throw at it......and for a price that tempts even me. :shrug:

I liked the review.  Looks like a well rounded knife, suitable for a variety of outdoor tasks.  I prefer a knife to not have a secondary bevel though.


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