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Mountains of Georgia

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Yellowyak and I spent a few days with friends in the mountains of Georgia.  Other than the biblical rains on Thursday the weather cooperated (for the most part).

Some of those tents look interesting. I liked the ones with the trailer under it. It looks so green there. Thanks for the post

Great pictures Dave. Had a lot of fun up in those Georgia mountains. Got in late Thursday, so I missed the heavy rains and didn't have to break out any rain gear for the rest of the weekend. There were lots of fun trails to ride the dirt bikes on and a private shooting range to unload a few rounds. Got to try out the new 16" Dutch Oven. It worked great and was impressed with the quality of the Camp Chef D.O. as well as the carry bag. We camped here this past January when it got down to 14 degrees F, this time of year was much more comfortable. I will bring some more potent mosquito repellent next time though, Georgia's got some good sized skeeters.

There were five different trailers there, all made by one of the guys in the group and each one different. He's quite the fabricator. Three of them had roof top tents, and two of them were self contained units with bedding, solar, lighting, plumbing, refrigeration, etc, all built from the ground up for off road excursions.

Also purchased a new, larger, skottle cooker. The larger one will be much better for group cooking.

Good times.  Good rigs.  Good digs.

Sounds like another awesome trip. Glad you guys were able to get out. Need to retire so I can join in more.


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